Frequently asked questions

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Do I need an appointment?

We HIGHLY recommend giving us a call before stopping in so we can not only let you know if we accept claims from your insurance company but also provide you with updated availability.

Can I get a free estimate?

Unfortunately, we are no longer providing estimates anymore. We hope to be able to provide estimates sometime in the future but as of now, we are requesting customers who need an estimate to go to other qualified shops in the area.

Can you repair my car?

Absolutely! We work with 6 major insurance companies to provide repairs if you’ve been in an accident. If you are a customer or have a claim with Progressive, Geico, Farm Bureau, USAA, Erie Insurance, or State Farm then please give us a call so we can get your repairs scheduled!

Can I pay out of pocket for repairs?

Currently, we are not scheduling repairs for customers who do not have claims through the 6 listed insurance companies that we partner with. This may change in the future, and if so, we will send everyone an update about those changes.

What if I haven’t been in an accident but want work done on my vehicle?

We do not do any type of upgrades or out-of-pocket jobs. The only repair jobs we are scheduling is if you have a claim with the 6 listed insurance partners.

Do you provide loaner vehicles?

No, we no longer provide loaner vehicles. We ask that if you need a rental, you reach out to your insurance provider and schedule through them. However, we are about a block away from Enterprise, so they are usually able to pick customers up in less than 20 minutes.  

What forms of payment do you accept if I have a deductible?

We accept cash & credit or debit cards. The cards we accept are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Why did you total my vehicle?

As a body shop, we do not have the ability to decide if a vehicle is a total loss or not. That decision is made by the insurance company based on a formula. Of course, we wish we could repair every vehicle that comes to our shop but unfortunately, sometimes the damage is just too extensive.

What is the process from start to finish? (DOES NOT APPLY TO PROGRESSIVE CUSTOMERS)

That ultimately depends on which insurance company the claim is through, but typically the process is after you get into a wreck and file a claim your insurance company will coordinate with you to send them pictures so they can write a preliminary estimate. The preliminary estimate is usually based on pictures you may have sent them and typically does not include everything that needs to be replaced or repaired. That’s where we come in. Once you receive the preliminary estimate the insurance company will ask where you want to take your vehicle. Just let them know that you want to get it repaired by Jackson’s Body Shop and they’ll either give us a call or have you call us to get everything scheduled. Once we get you on the schedule you will drop your vehicle off on the designated day and sign an “authorization to repair” form granting us permission to repair your vehicle. We will also make a copy of the preliminary estimate (if the insurance company hasn’t already sent it to us) and walk around the vehicle one final time with you to make sure we don’t miss any damage. After you drop your vehicle off, we will complete a second, more in-depth estimate called a supplement which is then sent to the insurance company for approval. If we get approval, we will then order the parts and start the repairs. We try to make the repair process as painless as possible while also keeping you updated. If requested, we will provide you with text updates periodically throughout the repair process.

What happens if I can’t pick up my vehicle after the repairs are completed?

It’s OK if you’re not able to pick up your vehicle the same day the repairs are completed. We give you a 48-business hour grace period to pick up your vehicle. We do understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances but typically if the vehicle is not picked up within 48 business hours, we will start to charge $25 a day in storage fees. If we are unable to contact you to coordinate pick-up after 30 days then JBS may take further steps to secure payment.

more questions?

For any inquiries please call or fill out the following form, and we will be in touch shortly.